Exciting Opportunity in Southampton

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We’re thrilled to announce a fantastic career opportunity for a dedicated Optometrist to join a dynamic team in Southampton! 🌟

🔍 Position: Optometrist

📍 Location: Southhampton

As a leading vision care provider, they are committed to delivering exceptional eye care services to the community. We’re seeking a passionate and skilled Optometrist to contribute to their mission of enhancing the vision and well-being of patients.

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Exciting Opportunity in East London!

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A practise in East London is offering an incredible £400 daily rate—because exceptional skills deserve exceptional rewards

Why Join this practise?

💼 Competitive daily rate of £400
🔄 Flexible scheduling for a perfect work-life balance
🏥 Diverse clinical settings for a broad range of experience
🤝 Supportive team ensuring a smooth journey


📜 Valid GOC registration
🌐 Right to work in the UK
🎙 Excellent clinical and communication skills




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Ever Considered Domiciliary?

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More and more Optometrists I speak to are considering Domiciliary as an option, but for those of you who haven’t researched this sector of the industry before, what does it actually involve? Well, be prepared to have all your questions answered and find out why you should consider domiciliary for your next career move.

One of the reasons domiciliary is becoming so popular is because of the flexibility it gives to the Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and Support Staff who come to work there. It has given some of our candidates the time to spend with their children at the weekend, as no weekend work is EVER required. Moreover, with the option now to work more days in the winter and less in the summer (so you can enjoy the lack of good weather we get!) and the option to choose one’s day off during the week, domiciliary clients are getting more and more ahead of the pack regarding flexible options for GOC registered professionals.

The vast majority of

Optometrists we speak to also want to spend more time with their patients and this is precisely something domiciliary can offer to Optometrists. Within a domiciliary environment, testing times are longer and thus you get to spend more time looking after the patient’s eye health accordingly. In a normal day you would see roughly 8 patients a day and because most of the patients you will be seeing will have past eye health problems (past cataract extraction, AMD etc.), it’s typical that most patients will require glasses – ultimately meaning you improve on the patient’s vision and day to day life!


Some of the main reasons that more and more Optometrists are considering a domiciliary position can be found below:

  • Variation of your working day  – it’s rare to have two days that are the same
  • Being ‘out and about’ – being out of the testing room is something that really appeals to a lot Optometrists we speak to. Many Optometrists who work in a domiciliary environment see towns and villages they would otherwise never of visited and get to be out in the fresh air – rather than being stuck in a dark, dull, and cramped testing room!
  •  Your day is fully planned – with a dedicated team planning your day for you, from location to the patient you’re seeing, all you need to do is navigate there!
  • Flexibility – all domiciliary positions include absolutely no weekends! Something that is rare to find in the optical industry. Also, as discussed above, the ability to work full time or part-time, and choose your day off in a week is imperative to many
  • Low Vision – many patients will have reduced and low vision. Optometrists working in a practice environment often have limited exposure to low vision, but find this type of work rewarding and varied

As you can see from the above reasons, choosing a career in domiciliary is a route that requires a vast amount of learning and it’s normally a steep learning curve for most Optometrists. However, the benefits and variations that can be obtained within a domiciliary environment are second to none!

If you are considering a position within domiciliary, or just want to have some more information regarding your career, please call the team on 01268 920860. Please ask for Dan.

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It started in response to the high number of students unable to find a Pre-Reg position during the coronavirus pandemic, we utilised our network to help find companies that could offer a pre-reg placement.

We have continued and will continue to offer this service for FREE to both students and companies offering Pre-Reg positions.

If you would like us to help you find a placement or can offer a student a position, please get in touch via email

Many thanks


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Build a website

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Our development team is capable of building simple one-page websites, through to a very complex system like

Consumer trends are changing, we hear about the “threat” of online glasses, one way to combat this “threat” is to have your own online presence.

We know that people are better informed and like to research purchases beforehand, with a small investment you can make sure your practice is at the top of peoples minds when it comes to eyecare, or choose our more advanced package for a full e-commerce website enabling you to make sales online, you can even make sales in your sleep. That’s got to be the dream.

If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Call us on 01268 928060 to find out how we can help.


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Visual Impairment Awareness Training

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Want to be a Guiding Star for people with sight loss?

If you interact with people with visual impairments (VI) in your work or social life, here’s your chance to learn how to assist them more effectively.

Our fun and informative Visual Impairment Awareness Training workshop will increase your understanding of living with sight loss and enable you to confidently support and interact with people with VI.

You’ll learn to:

  • Effectively support a person with a visual impairment
  • Use appropriate language when interacting – yes, it’s fine to say “See you later!”
  • Safely guide someone with sight loss
  • Make your business systems and premises more accessible with reasonable adjustments as per the Equality Act 2010
  • Understand how guide dogs work with their owners
  • Appreciate the emotional impacts of sight loss
  • Promote the importance of eye health

Our training is interactive and immersive and will help you to understand the issues and challenges of having a visual impairment. There will also be opportunities for you to ask people living with VI any questions you may have.

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Commercial, Clinical and Fashion Awareness

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The two main potentially conflicting aspects of working in optics are the balance between the clinical and commercial.

I’m going to throw a third area into the mix, Fashion.

In what other industry does the Fashion, Retail, and Clinical needs of a client/ customer/ patient be met in a boutique/ store/ practice?

And the language above speaks for itself.

I have definitely heard the response IT’S A PRACTICE when a trainee consultant accidentally and innocently called an independent owners business a store. Clearly passionate about the clinical service they provide.

I have been in meetings with corporate clients when they are so determined to hide the fact they are looking for Optoms with good Sales skills, we have followed the evolution of the word “Sales” to “Commercial Awareness” then to the much easier on the ear, “Communication Skills”.

I don’t know any other industry that has the triforce mix of Fashion, Retail and Clinical mix as Optics.

The best thing is everyone working in the industry has a unique balance of these 3, and where they are happiest.

Every Customer has their own mix of these 3 needs to be met.

Every Business has its own focus and balance of these aspects.

There are so many factors to take into account when looking at happiness at work and if you are looking for a new role, you might be really focused on money, location, benefits, working hours etc.

We always get a feel for where an individual sits commercially, clinically and fashionally? (probably not a word, but you know what I mean) and make sure that the mix is right when looking at new opportunities.

Hospital/ research work might be the exception here, but I think every retail Opticians needs all 3 to function as a business.

Is this something business owners take into account when employing staff?

How important is it to professionals?

Am I talking Sh*te?

Where do you sit on the scale?

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Employer Branding

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War on talent

The jobs market for Optometrists is becoming increasingly competitive, the differences between companies and different areas of Optics is becoming less clear. Salaries, benefits and working conditions are becoming more aligned across the market.

The employers that have a well-defined employer brand are winning the war on talent.

Having a clear EVP (Employer Value Propositions) and telling your story is a key way of nurturing a potential talent pool.

Most Optometrists are happy in their current roles, and will only change roles when the pain (read: frustration, annoyance, crap boss) of being at their current company AND/ OR the pleasure (read: excitement, interest, awesome company/ career) of a new opportunity passes the action threshold.

If you are not telling the market about you or your company, the only “force” acting on the candidate is their desire to leave, and that might be because they are unhappy at work/ underperforming, only want more money/ hate their boss and maybe these are not the best reasons to hire someone.

Cast a wide net with a specifically crafted recruitment campaign that will highlight the reasons why an Optometrist would want to work for YOU. Most job adverts suck as they give potential employees zero insight as to what it’s really like to actually work for your business.

BlackSquare can help you create and promote your employer brand.

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Why you should look for a new job when you are happy

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The grey bar across the centre is a solid colour

EVERYTHING is relative

Our perception is affected by our surroundings.

Most people decide to look for a new role when they are unhappy at work, and fair enough, if you have let yourself reach a point where you are genuinely unhappy, you should get out. The risk here is that when comparing a new role to your current position, it’s probably going to look better than what you’re doing now. Is your perception potentially skewed? Will anything look better than the role you hate? Probably.

If you are happy at work and performing well, it’s going to take a truly exceptional position to improve your current situation. To have an excellent career you need to make a move to these positions when they are available, not when you’re unhappy.   Not only that, companies want to hire the best people, the best people are performing well in their role and if you’re performing you’re your normally happy. All of this helps when it comes to negotiations later in the process.

Contact one of our professional consultants today for an in-depth consultation. 01268928060.

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