Commercial, Clinical and Fashion Awareness

The two main potentially conflicting aspects of working in optics are the balance between the clinical and commercial.

I’m going to throw a third area into the mix, Fashion.

In what other industry does the Fashion, Retail, and Clinical needs of a client/ customer/ patient be met in a boutique/ store/ practice?

And the language above speaks for itself.

I have definitely heard the response IT’S A PRACTICE when a trainee consultant accidentally and innocently called an independent owners business a store. Clearly passionate about the clinical service they provide.

I have been in meetings with corporate clients when they are so determined to hide the fact they are looking for Optoms with good Sales skills, we have followed the evolution of the word “Sales” to “Commercial Awareness” then to the much easier on the ear, “Communication Skills”.

I don’t know any other industry that has the triforce mix of Fashion, Retail and Clinical mix as Optics.

The best thing is everyone working in the industry has a unique balance of these 3, and where they are happiest.

Every Customer has their own mix of these 3 needs to be met.

Every Business has its own focus and balance of these aspects.

There are so many factors to take into account when looking at happiness at work and if you are looking for a new role, you might be really focused on money, location, benefits, working hours etc.

We always get a feel for where an individual sits commercially, clinically and fashionally? (probably not a word, but you know what I mean) and make sure that the mix is right when looking at new opportunities.

Hospital/ research work might be the exception here, but I think every retail Opticians needs all 3 to function as a business.

Is this something business owners take into account when employing staff?

How important is it to professionals?

Am I talking Sh*te?

Where do you sit on the scale?

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