Employer Branding

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War on talent

The jobs market for Optometrists is becoming increasingly competitive, the differences between companies and different areas of Optics is becoming less clear. Salaries, benefits and working conditions are becoming more aligned across the market.

The employers that have a well-defined employer brand are winning the war on talent.

Having a clear EVP (Employer Value Propositions) and telling your story is a key way of nurturing a potential talent pool.

Most Optometrists are happy in their current roles, and will only change roles when the pain (read: frustration, annoyance, crap boss) of being at their current company AND/ OR the pleasure (read: excitement, interest, awesome company/ career) of a new opportunity passes the action threshold.

If you are not telling the market about you or your company, the only “force” acting on the candidate is their desire to leave, and that might be because they are unhappy at work/ underperforming, only want more money/ hate their boss and maybe these are not the best reasons to hire someone.

Cast a wide net with a specifically crafted recruitment campaign that will highlight the reasons why an Optometrist would want to work for YOU. Most job adverts suck as they give potential employees zero insight as to what it’s really like to actually work for your business.

BlackSquare can help you create and promote your employer brand.

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