Why you should look for a new job when you are happy

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EVERYTHING is relative

Our perception is affected by our surroundings.

Most people decide to look for a new role when they are unhappy at work, and fair enough, if you have let yourself reach a point where you are genuinely unhappy, you should get out. The risk here is that when comparing a new role to your current position, it’s probably going to look better than what you’re doing now. Is your perception potentially skewed? Will anything look better than the role you hate? Probably.

If you are happy at work and performing well, it’s going to take a truly exceptional position to improve your current situation. To have an excellent career you need to make a move to these positions when they are available, not when you’re unhappy.   Not only that, companies want to hire the best people, the best people are performing well in their role and if you’re performing you’re your normally happy. All of this helps when it comes to negotiations later in the process.

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