Introducing the Independent JVP, exclusively to BlackSquare

Get a slice of the pie

We have opportunities for Optometrists with an interest in business.
Owning, leading and growing your very own business is considered by many to be the pinnacle of your career as an optometrist.

Here is how it works, start working in an independently owned opticians as an employee. They will develop and mentor you towards directorship – owning some or all of the business you have been working in.

You will have clear goals and timescales and a black and white career path.

With this hybrid model, you can get the benefits of being an employee whilst working towards owning the business you have been helping to grow.

You can have your cake and eat it.

We are the UK’s only Optical Recruitment Agency that works as a business transfer agent.
This has enabled us to develop a unique opportunity for Optometrists that would like to own their own business.

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