Retail Optometry

Finding the right environment within Retail Optometry can be tricky as whilst on the surface the role of Optometrist is relatively similar in most Opticians. There can be a number of small differences between each role and practice that add up to creating a massive difference in job satisfaction and work-life balance.

Ioana Stan was relatively happy in her role although when looking at new roles found that there would be compromises; if you had a nice working environment with excellent career development opportunities, it was normally at the expense of work-life balance.

Looking at the whole picture BlackSquare was able to negotiate on Ioana’s behalf, finding a company that increased her testing times from 20 to 25min, invested in her clinical development and provided a nice working environment with good equipment and well-trained colleagues.

She has continued to develop as an Optometrist clinically,  and now has the opportunity,  if she wishes, to progress into management or take some time out of the testing room to train colleagues.  With a well-trained team, she knows her clinics will run smoothly and she can focus on providing the very best level of care to her patients. With multiple generations of the same family visiting her, she loves to the continuity of care that retail optometry provides.

With a new role closer to home, more flexibility with her days off, Ioana is able to enjoy her passions outside of work, travelling, and enjoying the great outdoors.

The compound effect is greater than the sum of the parts, lots of small improvements at work and work-life balance mean with a bit of searching you can have the best of both worlds in a high street environment.

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